20 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business #Intermediate

Click here for the beginner section and here for the advanced one.

After our beginner tips to grow your business, we move onto more complex, intermediate tips and tricks needed for a successful social media marketing strategy. Your overall approach to social media can make or break everything. What kind of content should you be sharing? What are the long-term trends that your business should invest in? What makes for good social media content? Here are some of the answers.


  1. A successful brand is all about generating and managing leads.
  2. Properly speaking, a photo is not content. Don’t expect people to see a nice image and go to your website.
  3. For better visibility on Instagram and search engines, have a domain/account name that starts with a keyword, e.g. travelpatrick. (and not patricktravel)
  4. Don’t get obsessed with the number of followers. 100 potential customers are much more valuable than 100K followers.
  5. No one will visit your website just because you share high-quality images. Create lead magnets!
  6. Instead of taking others’ word for it, i.e. ‘social media cheat sheets,’ carefully examine the ideal times for you to post on each day. The results will most definitely surprise you.
  7. The ultimate social media game is not to gain followers. It is to gain followers who have an interest in what you sell.
  8. Create an email subscription popup on your website.
  9. You cannot sell everything on every social platform. Experiment until you find your ideal platform. If Instagram is not generating sales, give Facebook or Pinterest a shot.
  10. Fake follows and likes lead to horrible engagement ratios in the long run. Avoid them at all costs!
  11. If someone with thousands of followers is talking about ‘organic growth,’ there is a 99% chance that it is bullsh*t. Organic growth and six-digit followers are mutually exclusive.
  12. A single shout-out is rarely of any use. If you are insistent on a shout-out, get at least 5 of them.
  13. Remind your followers to join your newsletter regularly.
  14. Do not forget that Instagram is a for-profit corporation. The only way to gain thousands of followers in months is through Instagram Ads. And yes, that’s what makes an ‘influencer.’ And no, we usually do not recommend them.
  15. Unlike what is being said all over the web, having a dedicated hashtag is not beneficial for your social media presence.
  16. Come up with a theme for your images. 9square is a perfect way to do so.
  17. Cross-promote your social media accounts regularly.
  18. You will not get any visitors just by sharing photos of your products. (especially on Pinterest) Create professional posters with carefully-curated captions that create a sense of mystery.
  19. Create challenges for your followers, e.g. 60-day social media marketing challenge.
  20. Influencers have less ‘influence’ than you think. Hard work will give better results than a shout-out.


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