20 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business #Beginner

Click here for the intermediate section and here for the advanced one.

All brands use social media to grow their customer base and increase their sales. Building a brand using social media might not be easy, but it’s highly rewarding in the long run due to its ability to grow your brand organically. Keeping this on the mind, we covered some basic tips and tricks you can try out for yourself, which will improve your social media marketing strategy immensely. We’ll start out with some basic tips and move onto more advanced ones in other posts.


  1. Have a clear and well-defined BIO that includes your niche, the goods or services you provide, along with ‘bait.’
  2. On social media, it’s all about engagement. Try to get more likes and comments than the day before.
  3. Most likely, your images are not up to standards. Get a professional photo shoot instead!
  4. Don’t expect to go viral. The success of social media platforms derives from their ability to convince users that they can become famous overnight. Instead, come up with a social media business plan.
  5. For a long time, you will get only as much as followers as your followings. So, follow and engage with people with similar interests daily. [with caution!]
  6. If you do not have any knowledge of web design, create a basic webpage with Tumblr.
  7. Have a well-defined niche that you can explain in two words, e.g. travel products or marketing services.
  8. Do not share the photos of your child or pet on your brand’s social media account, unless you are selling them. If that’s the case, congrats on being a good social marketer and a monster.
  9. Do not use hashtags like #follow4follow and #followme. People will unfollow you almost immediately.
  10. Expecting to get followers merely by sharing high-quality content is waiting for a miracle to happen. Take action!
  11. Likes and comments carry you to the Top Posts section on Instagram. Do your best to earn those precious likes & comments!
  12. Do not use super-popular hashtags, e.g. #love#instagood#tbt and #photooftheday. Rather than being beneficial, random followers are actually harmful to your account.
  13. Ask questions in your captions. Comments are the second most valuable commodity on social media. (the first being sales)
  14. Automation is not all bad. Schedule your posts in advance.
  15. Track your leads with Google Analytics.
  16. To increase your sales, spend as much as time you can engaging with others.
  17. Always remind your followers where to find the products, i.e. ‘link in the bio.’
  18. E-mail marketing has the best conversion ratio on the market. Set up an e-mail campaign & newsletter immediately.
  19. Don’t use random hashtags for better exposure. They will do more harm than good.
  20. On social media, quality usually does not beat quantity. Spend 10-12 hours a week on your social media accounts and engage with users.


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