20 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business #Advanced

Click here for the beginner section and here for the intermediate one.

Big or small, every brand benefits from an active social media feed. How can you do that successfully? After our beginner and intermediate sections, we will cover 20 complex, advanced tips for a successful social media strategy.
Let’s get started!


  1. The most important rule of social media marketing is Followers ≠Sales.
  2. Do not decide on your posting times by looking at likes and comments. Instead, use Google Analytics to determine the hours that you get the most visitors.
  3. Social media is one of many ways to get leads, so work on your SEO [Search Engine Optimization].
  4. Carefully distribute your hashtags between popular, semi-popular and unpopular ones. Hashtag research will carry you to the top!
  5. Create different newsletters for different niches/categories. In this way, you will get more subscriptions and make more sales.
  6. Create an SEO-optimized blog on your website and share your products there.
  7. People tend to return to your website if they find useful content there. So, merge your products with useful content you create.
  8. Affiliate Marketing is designed to make them rich, not you. There are more efficient ways to earn money.
  9. Lock precious digital content in exchange for e-mail subscriptions.
  10. If your blog has nice traffic, [>10K monthly] Google Adsense is a nice way to earn some extra bucks.
  11. Link shorteners, e.g. bit.ly, will damage your Instagram trust score. Avoid using them!
  12. The only measure of your sales is your sales. Do not make predictions based on the number of followers.
  13. Nothing beats selling your own products when it comes to profit. Create an online shop!
  14. Track the number of both new and returning visitors on Google Analytics.
  15. No one will click on your link unless you are offering something of value. If you have no resources for giveaways, create infographics, checklists, quizzes on your website and share them on social media.
  16. Using cheap domains like .xyz or .top will damage your Instagram trust score. Stick with .com domains.
  17. Create content by reverse engineering.
  18. Never buy new or aged Instagram accounts. Even if you possess all the info, Instagram accounts can be taken back at any time in the future.
  19. Google Analytics, aims to increase the number of returning visitors.
  20. Make use of Google Keyword Planner for better semantics, and thus for more efficient SEO.
  21. Occasional (and random) giveaways will increase your visibility more than you can imagine.