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From tracking orders to keeping the back-end of your store up-to-date, managing an online shop can be extremely time consuming. If you add managing your hosting account and domain, coupled with regular UX and CTR optimizations, managing a website feels insurmountable. Luckily, we have a team of experts who are ready to take on all these tasks. From order/inventory tracking to managing the back-end and front-end of your website, C’monGround takes care of everything, letting you focus on more important stuff. Let us do the heavy lifting of your web operations while you focus on things that matter!

What You'll Get

What Our Web Management Service Includes

Unlimited Web Revisions

Need to fix a bug or add a new feature? Wanting to change the layout of your website? Whatever your needs are, our developers are ready to make any sought-for change for your shop. With our web management service, you get unlimited design revisions.


Hosting & Domain Management

Getting regular backups, fixing bugs and doing necessary updates mean that the back-end of your store needs your constant attention. C’monGround helps you forget about all these, taking all the required steps on a regular basis.

Order/Inventory Tracking

Once you have passed a certain threshold, you realize that tracking orders and keeping a hold of your inventory become a full-time job. Let us take care of these tasks while you sit back and focus on more important tasks.


CTR & UX Optimization

A successful online shop needs to be conversion-friendly and easily navigable. At C’monGround, we have spent years optimizing conversion rate (CTR) and user experience (UX) for online shops. Let us watch your orders and optimize your shop regularly to increase your profits day by day.

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