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It’s crucial to your brand’s success that your audience can access your services on the go, without a hitch. Our team of experts design and develop custom native and cross-platform mobile apps, mobile SDKs and utilities, as well as mobile solutions for business smoothly integrated with web services and internal corporate systems — from requirements related to release and submission on the application stores, as well as porting, ongoing maintenance and support. So, let’s get started with your project today!

An Effective Approach to Mobile App Development

It’s crucial that your mobile app feels like a well-designed and functional extension of the other platforms with which you reach your audience. We ensure that users can transition seamlessly from interfacing with your website, social media, and mobile app in an uninterrupted and efficient way.

Our development and design team always has functionality and performance in mind. They work hard to guarantee your app’s performance for maximized ROI of any mobile development engagement.

If your audience is frustrated by your app, they certainly won’t buy your products. We will work to maximize the accessibility of your application’s design and interface, so that visitors keep coming back for more.

The Process

How Our Mobile App Development Process Works

Step 01

Learn your business and development preferences

We begin by contacting you to gather information about your business, along with your design, architecture and aesthetic preferences. A representative from our team will look it over, and then be in touch with you personally.

Step 02

Configure Back-end Structure & Technologies

We then start working on your hosting and decide which state-of-the-art technologies we should employ for your project.

Step 03

Developing a rough draft of your mobile app

Depending on your project, we should have a rough draft of your web application and design of the system complete in about about 30-35 days. Upon completion, we will submit the rough draft to you for revision. We will then give you an opportunity to review the draft and develop a list of requested changes. Once we receive these, we will apply the changes to the design of your application and start to build it.

Step 04

Development and implementation of your app

When we complete all the changes with the functionality and design, it’s time to build it! After completion of this step, we’ll implement the whole system and move it to the staging level to test it.

Step 05

Marketing Services

Now that your idea has come to life, the next step is marketing. C’monGround will take care of all of your marketing needs for you. We are well-equipped to provide all marketing marketing solutions to promote your app.

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C’monGround has the expertise and experience to bring your idea to life. Let’s discuss your mobile application development needs and get the ball rolling today!

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