Increase Your Sales from Day 1 with Efficient E-Commerce Strategies

Here at C’monGround, we specialize in creating and running succesful online shops. Let’s work together to increase your sales!

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Plan

Amazing Design and UX

E-commerce Business Startegy

Efficient and Conversion-Oriented E-Commerce Strategies

Here at C’monGround, we take pride in our e-commerce projects. From selling high-end designer items to affordable apparel,  we spent years developing and fine-tuning our e-commerce strategies. Whether you need to have your e-commerce platform developed from the scratch or optimize your sales on your pre-existing store, C’monGround is the industry-leading agency in online shopping. Let’s start working together and get the sales coming! 

E-Commerce Success Stories

Leveraging quality items with exceptional design and powerful SEO campaigns, Naqshi was able to get 6,524 users in the month following their launch and obtained an incredible average order value of $1,081 for their high-end items. 

Incorporating branding, social media and web development, we redefined what succesful e-commerce looks like. What started as a test store a while back – now reaches average 5,860 users monthly, with 2,16 return on AD spend and hit 33k social followers.

Cutting Edge E-Commerce Strategies

We will start by examining your business model, your social media accounts, and your website (if available). We'll then run a competitor analysis and determine what e-commerce strategy would work best for your brand.

From this information, we'll start putting a marketing plan in place on social media and through advertising channels. The strategy will include creating an online shop from scratch if you need one.

Finally, through a sustained effort of (re)targeting customers, we'll see what works for your shop and make the necessary changes in your UX, conversion pipeline and marketing strategy in place. This will ensure that the orders do keep coming greater every day.

The Process

How our E-Commerce Marketing & Development Process Works

Step 01

Understand Your Goals

We begin with you: What are your short- and long-term ecommerce goals? What are your current sales and marketing methods, and how can they be improved? From here, we can better understand what combination of sales and marketing tools will best suit your brand.

Step 02

Formulate Your Ecommerce Plan

With these details in mind, we create a sales & marketing (“smarketing”) plan and a hand-picked sales team tailored specifically for your brand. This ensures that our strategies will map on perfectly with your business goals and model.

Step 03

Start Selling

With your optimal plan in place, you are ready to begin selling and fine-tuning the details as needed. By keeping track of the data and optimizing it continuously, we make sure that you get the most out of our services and watch your sales fly through the roof!

Realize your e-commerce goals with our fool-proof Strategies!

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