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Amazon Advertising for Remarkable Sales

We begin by examining your brand as well as the niche-area your brand falls into. From there, we run a competitor analysis to get a picture of your niche on Amazon. Lastly, we perform keyword research that is guaranteed to make your sales on Amazon grow.

From the data we obtained through analysis, we set up a campaign plan. This plan includes various changes in product titles, descriptions and images. We then optimize your store's design and get it ready for the upcoming campaigns.

We then create a variety of campaigns on Amazon targeting your products and store. We'll monitor the results and optimize your campaign daily. The result is daily sales growth.

The Process

How Our Amazon Advertisement Services Work

Step 01

Assign an Amazon Advertising Specialist to your Account

We will assign an experienced Amazon advertising specialist to manage your ad campaign. This person will be trained in Amazon advertising and highly experienced in running successful campaigns on marketplaces.

Step 02

Identify Keyword Opportunities for Your Business

We will then do thorough keyword research to find opportunities for your products by investing in specific keywords. We research thousands of keywords and measure search traffic, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your advertising campaign.

Step 03

Analyze Competition

Throughout the process, we make sure to keep an eye on your competitors. We will closely evaluate what your competitors are doing on Amazon and what is working for your niche on this marketplace. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in their advertising efforts, we will be able to develop a smarter approach for your campaign.

Step 04

Ad Creation

From there, we will start developing your campaigns. The campaigns will utilize different products and your store in general. Through split tests, we will try different set of keywords to find the golden audience.

Step 05

Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

As a regular practice, we will identify high-performing and low-performing areas of your ad campaigns quickly – and if some areas begin to perform poorly, we will detect them immediately and pause those ads. In addition, we will continuously launch new ads to keep the positive results coming in.

Step 06

Reporting and Communication

Your ad specialist will prepare monthly reports for you to review. This report will include the amount of conversions we are generating with our Amazon advertising services, and keep you directly in the loop.

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