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Customer Support

Once you have passed a certain threshold, you realize that responding to customer comments and questions, tracking orders, and fixing issues becomes a full-time job. Let us take care of customer support while you sit back and focus on more important tasks.

Web content Management

CTR and UX Optimization

A successful online shop needs to be conversion-friendly and easily navigable. At C'monGround, we have spent years optimizing conversion rate (CTR) and user experience (UX) for online shops. Let us optimize your shop regularly and increase your profits day by day.

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Monthly Updates

From fixing bugs to making necessary changes, the layout of your website needs regular updating. Whether you want to solve an issue or make your shop more user-friendly, our developers are ready to make any sought-for change for your shop.

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Your business needs you! Let us take care of daily tasks while you focus on expanding your brand. 

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