See How Naqshi Got 6,524 visitors in their First Month

Leveraging quality items with exceptional design and powerful SEO campaigns, Naqshi was able to get 6,524 users in the month following their launch and obtained an incredible average order value of $1,081 for their high-end items.

The Road to Success

Web Design

In order to sell their high-end products, Naqshi needed to convey their message in the right way. We delivered a website that was not only echoing to their audience, but also was successful in upcoming SEO and paid advertising campaigns.

Marketplace Management

Naqshi needed to put their unique products to the right markets to reach a greater audience. We successfully created a layout to manage listings and orders in a number of high-end design oriented marketplaces.

Social Media Marketing

Naqshi demonstrated the fact that when used in the right way, social media can be a source of revenue on its own. By highlighting their products on Instagram and Pinterest, we were able to deliver an exceptional line of revenue.

With wholesale operations in Turkey and southern US, Naqshi wanted to sell their high-end design products online. They needed everything from web design to branding, back-end inventory management system to marketplace management layout from the scratch. The marketing and sales team at C’monGround delivered exactly that, helping the brand create a profitable business in less than 6 months.

Naqshi Stats

visitors in the 1st month
1 $
Average Order Value
Competitive Keywords #1 on Google
1 x
Return on Ad Spend


Before running a highly successful conversion and SEO campaigns, we needed to make sure that the message Naqshi was conveying was echoing with their audience. For this reason, C’monGround created the brand logo, the overall color palette, typography, along with designing all business creatives, e.g. business cards, signs & banners and all branding materials, so that all visitor will become potential customers. 

Web Design

The audience and competitor research conducted under the branding campaign became materialized in the highly captivating Naqshi website.

We organized various photo shoots to capture their amazing products under the right light. These stills created a fascinating layout and stunning product pages.

We created a the entire website architecture, product filters and categories for an improved UX and better search engine visibility.

All products were written unique descriptions and titles, which gave the brand a strong upper hand in the upcoming SEO campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

For a new business, the SEO campaigns prove to be a quite fruitful for Naqshi. This was achieved by a threefold strategy focusing on

  • creating the website architecture for a SEO-friendly way,
  • configuring the on-site SEO components, e.g. meta-tags, alt-images, etc. in the right way,
  • running a reach-out and backlinking campaign.

The results was highly competitive keywords finding their place on search engines within short span of three months.

Marketplace Management

For a new business, it’s vital to have a marketing strategy targeting a number of possible streams of revenue. Besides social media, paid advertising and SEO, we recommended that we place Naqshi’s products on a number design-oriented marketplaces. Researching all the possible platforms, we decided on four different marketplace and developed an order and inventory management app that allowed the brand to sell their products on different avenues simultaneously.

Social Media Marketing

Using the power of Instagram and Pinterest, Naqshi exhibited their inventory and created an entirely self-sufficient stream of revenue.  

Given the visual appeal of their products, Instagram was a must for Naqshi. Focusing on the details and mixing it with the branding elements, they obtained an engaging and loyal customer base. 

The brand achieved remarkable results by showcasing their products and sharing items in relevant Pinterest groups. This strategy was strengthened by seasonal sales and discounts. 

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