Shopping Streamlined with GrocerYard

GrocerYard Product Categories

Here at C’monGround, we take pride in our in-house e-commerce projects. From selling high-end designer items to affordable apparel, we spent years developing and fine-tuning our e-commerce strategies. And recently, we have directed our expertise to launch an online grocery platform, GrocerYard.

Customers can use GrocerYard to subscribe to their favorite grocery items, so that they are delivered to their doorstep according to a schedule of their choosing. With GrocerYard, you can arrange for your cereal and snacks to arrive every week, your baking goods every three weeks, and household essentials every two months. Pairing convenience with affordability, the platform allows you to receive a customized grocery box depending on your weekly and monthly needs. Launched in Nov ‘19, GrocerYard is available only in the US – for now.

Create a customized grocery box and set the frequency

GrocerYard addresses a shopping bad habit that we all share: forgetting to buy an item on your grocery list. Even for the avid shopper, overlooking at least one item on your list is almost inevitable. GrocerYard addresses this problem by allowing customers to create a customized grocery list and set the delivery interval for each product.  You only need to add them to your shopping cart once and select the frequency you need them.

Currently, GrocerYard has a massive inventory of 22,000 – and growing – products. They carry everything from kitchen staples, including milk, water, and cereals, to household essentials like shampoo, toilet paper, and trash bags. GrocerYard has everything you buy regularly but eliminates the hassle of going to the store each week. Whatever you need is now just a click away. 

Select the interval for each product and you are all set!

What’s more, this convenience comes at highly competitive prices. GrocerYard is able to minimize all the costs associated with groceries with its efficient business model. Products are shipped in sets and pre-determined shipping dates make transporting goods -the most expensive part of all online grocery shopping- more cost-effective. So, GrocerYard means less time and money for grocery shopping while enjoying the convenience!

During an age where it feels we never have enough time, convenience means everything. Subscribing to a grocery service for items you purchase regularly is an effective way to make time for things you’d rather be doing. From heavy beverages and pet food to oft-forgotten cleaning supplies and household essentials, GrocerYard aims to make the lives of thousands easier.