A Remarkable
E-commerce Success Story

C’monStore incorporated branding, social media and web development to achieve remarkable success, redefining what thriving e-commerce looks like. What started as a test store now reaches millions of users each month and generates more revenue than any online shop we’ve seen. 

The Road to Success


If C'monStore were to stand out and differentiate itself from a number of print-on-demand shops, a goal-oriented branding campaign was a must. C'monStore achieved exactly that by creating a brand with catchy mottos, an extraordinary logo and a to-the-point color palette and typography.

Marketplace Management

Print-on-Demand stores have various challenges on the way and getting their designs in front of people is the greatest challenge. To overcome this problem, we utilized the power of a number of marketplaces, including Amazon and Etsy, and achieved great success on these platforms.

Social Media Management

Like every success story we have here at C'monGround, C'monStore was a high achiever in its social media marketing campaigns. With our secret ingredient, they were able to get 200K impressions on Instagram each day, with a number of products going viral on social media almost each month.

When starting C’monGround, we wanted to test every marketing strategy we employ before running them for our customers. With the ease of print-on-demand (PoD), we created a store that would lay the groundwork for a success story: C’monStore. From email marketing to SEO, every strategy employed by C’monGround is first validated by C’monStore. Today, we are talking about a brand of its own. What started as a test store stands out today as a success story.

C'monStore Stats

Average Monthly Visitors
1 K
Email Subscribers
1 x
Return on Ad Spend
1 K
Social Followers

Web Design

Creating a website with captivating images, navigable architecture and convenient product filters was a must for an improved UX and better search engine visibility. We achieved that by building mockups for each product and building a SEO-friendly architecture, including customized meta-tags and alt-images.

E-mail Marketing

In order to utilize the power of a growing number of community members, we devised a number of email marketing automations and created regular email campaigns. From customized email automations for each collection to recurring newsletters and sales, email marketing has proven to be quite a profitable domain for C’monStore. 

Web Development

In order to promote the right kind of product on the right platform, we created a custom web application that creates a social media feed based on sales data and seasonal trends. Integrating social media with a private Shopify app, this cutting-edge technology allows C’monStore to promote just the right product at the right time on social media.

Sales Management

To stand out from the competition, C’monStore needed to take advantage of various marketplaces. Through the right marketing strategy on Amazon, Etsy and many others, they achieved great success on these platforms.

Amazon Advertising

In accordance with our Sales Management strategy, we wanted to utilize Amazon advertising by crafting profitable campaigns on these platforms. To date, we have been running a number of efficient advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Social Media Management

Using the power of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, we showcased C’monStore’s inventory and created an entirely self-sufficient stream of revenue.  

Given the visual appeal of the products, Instagram was a must for C’monStore. Focusing on sharing appealing mockups and mixing it with branding elements, we obtained a growing number of loyal customers.

Our Facebook campaigns were directed at promotion sales and seasonal discounts. This strategy gave us a remarkable upper hand in seasonal promotions.

C’monStore achieved remarkable results by showcasing their products and sharing items in relevant Pinterest groups.

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